Erection Sequence

What is the K-Span System Manufacturing and Erection Sequence?

To start, thin gauge coiled steel (pre painted and/or galvanised) is fed continuously into the first stage of K-Span roll forming machine, which cold forms the material into straight lengths of individual channel profile cut at the required length.

The straight length of formed channel profile is then fed into the second stage of the K-Span roll forming machine which then further cold forms the straight channel profile into a curved channel profile with an arc radius equal to that required for the building or roof being constructed. This second stage forming process then also introduces minor corrugations in the web and lower flange areas of curved channel section further adding stiffness to the completed thin gauge channel profile.

Two to five individual arched channel profiles are then seamed together by crimping one top flange around another to form pre-assembled sections capable of being easily lifted.

The pre-assembled sections are lifted and placed in position to connect to previously installed sections and similarly seamed until the required length for the arch building or roof structure have been reached.

Straight channel (stage one) profiles produced by the same K-Span roll forming machine are then similarly seamed to form the vertical end walls for building if required.

Once the arch building is complete, the entire bottom ends of the channel profiles is enclosed in concrete, thereby creating an incredibility strong permanent connection between the building and foundation


Construction Sequence (Arch Building)

Construction Sequence




Typical Foundation Details (Arch Building)

Typical Foundation Details




Typical Closure Seam Details (With and Without Hanger Plate)

Typical Closure Seam Details (With and Without Hanger Plate)





*All above dimensions in meters.

The above graph is indicative of size range of freestanding arch building currently available. It must be noted that any intermediate sizes can be accommodated within the size range indicated above.


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Single Arch Building                                                                                                    Multi Arch Building

Single Arch Building     Multi Arch Building


Elevated Arch Building

Elevated Arch Building


Single Arch Roof                                                                                                            Multi Arch Roof

Single Arch Roof   Multi Arch Roof


Multi Stagger Arch Roof

Multi Stagger Arch Roof