The K-Span system can be utilised to construct a wide range of arch buildings and roofs with unsupported spans ranging from 4m up to 40m with no limit on the actual length of building.

The K-Span system utilises thin gauge steel to fabricate complete arch buildings or roofs on-site from coiled sheet stock materials without the need for any support portal frame structure.

Multiple K-Span profiles are available which are all cold formed on site from coiled steel sheet with thickness varying from 0.8mm up to 1.5mm. This allows for easy optimisation of the design to minimise the tonnage of material to be transported to site.

The K-Span system requires no shop pre-fabrication and is extremely flexible considering possible later revisions to width or length including that may be required to accommodate construction tolerances of civil foundations and/or connecting structures.

The K-Span system requires a small crew only, consisting largely of unskilled labour for the on-site manufacture and erection work with no requirements for any 3rd party specialised steel erection or roofing contractors to complete the works.

The K-Span system may be used to construct stand-alone buildings or in combination with steel, masonry or concrete works to offer economical and efficient building and roofing solutions for a wide range of applications.